CrossFit Grenada



So what is CrossFit?  

It is a combination of a few components:  

Functional Movements:   
This includes any type of human movement you may see in everyday life such as squatting, running, jumping, lifting/carrying objects, climbing, throwing, etc. These types and patterns of movements have been ingrained in our DNA as human beings and are often neglected in todayʼs society. In life and in sport the body must work together as a unit to complete a task. In CrossFit, we use compound functional movements to train our body to work together as a whole to better ourselves in sport and in lifeʼs tasks.   

Constant Variation:   
In CrossFit, our speciality is not specialising. We strive to be competent in any possible task or challenge that could come our way. Each day, every workout is different and will challenge you in a different aspect of fitness. Workouts can range from 5-50 minutes and will vary in movements, loads, rep schemes, etc. The only purpose for doing the same workout twice is to track progress over time.    

High Intensity:   
Intensity, of course, is relative to one's fitness level, but everyone can benefit from it. Simply put: Intensity = Power output during a workout. Power output can be measured by: (Force x Distance)/Time. The more power output you can develop during a workout, the more fit you can become.   
As a registered CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Grenada,  acknowledges the CrossFit Methodology and supports it’s prescribed concept of “constantly varied, functional movements practised at high intensity” in a small, structured group workouts or classes.  

Like all other CrossFit affiliates, we regularly incorporate many of the fun, intense, challenging “Benchmark” workouts notoriously prescribed by CrossFit (eg. “Cindy”, “Grace”, “Fran”, “Angie”, “Kelly”, etc.) into our programming. Also like many other affiliates, we design and structure our workouts so that they feel ‘random’. The variation keeps people guessing, and – generally speaking – is part of what makes CrossFit so alluring. In reality, our programming is very carefully structured as to ensure that clients are receiving the proper mix of training they need in each discipline, when they need it. Such structure helps ensure that our clients are ready for the challenges they’ll face in upcoming Benchmark workouts, their sport of choice, during the upcoming season, or in life in general. 

Coach Sarah Bowling of CrossFit Delray Beach makes such an approach even easier to understand by likening it to schoolwork. “Think of it like a school environment: You study materials and practice techniques (“training”) weeks before you actually write your exams (“Benchmark Tests”). Could you imagine if you had to write a mid-term exam EVERY DAY? Your anxiety and stress level would consistently be through the roof, which (in turn) would result in sub-maximal efforts and results.”  

Is CrossFit right for me? 

Yes, CrossFit makes anyone an athlete. From weekend track walkers and the occasional jogger looking to stay fit in the offseason, to a grandmother trying to regain or retain her mobility, to a new mom trying to lose her pre-pregnancy weight, to people tired of breaking the promises they make to themselves to get fit, strong, and healthy, CrossFit is nothing short of life-changing for everyone who’s ever wanted to get better at, have more fun while, doing, or do more of the things they love to do. 

CrossFit makes elite athletes better. CrossFit’s methodology both identifies and rectifies progression-hindering weaknesses in elite athletes, regardless of the discipline. From All-State to All-Conference to All-Time, and From Tennis pros to Triathletes, CrossFit can compliment any elite athlete’s training regimen. 

Accommodates Anyone’s Life. Even Yours. With workouts that rarely ever exceed 30 minutes in length, CrossFit enables anyone – to become the most physically fit they’ve ever been, regardless of how hectic their schedules are. 

CrossFit inspires, empowers and transforms. CrossFit workouts are scaled to the ability of each it’s participants. Although the loads lifted, distance ran, or work performed in a particular workout might vary by participant, the effort expended never does. The concept may sound remarkable, but the empowerment it yields and the changes it enables are exactly that. Participants giving 100% easily recognise one another. Such recognition cultivates a community where respect, support, and encouragement come automatically to those courageous enough to try rather than those with natural talents 

Are your trainers certified?  

There has been a lot of misunderstanding going on about who can teach CrossFit.  
Only CrossFit Certified Trainers can teach/coach CrossFit.  Only certified CrossFit Affiliates can hold CrossFit classes.     

At this time, only the trainers listed below are recognised as capable of teaching an actual CrossFit Grenada class.  

This is to uphold the quality of training and safety as CrossFit is meant to be.    

Matt Howell - CF-L1, CrossFit Certified Competition Judge 


Chris Edwards - CF-L1, Crossfit certified Competition Judge
A Delineation between who can and cannot legally and technically teach CrossFit is important. It impacts our affiliation's standing with CrossFit HQ and ensures you, the member, that you are getting quality instruction each time you come to the gym.